Masters of Arts
Bachelor of Arts in English
Bachelor of Arts in Spanish
Who’s Who in Education
Unigo National Counselor

Certified Professional Life Coach
Associated Certified Coach (ACC)

College, Career, and Life Coaching

Andrea is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC). She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish and English from the University of Georgia and her Master of Arts from Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas.

Andrea has worked with students in the private and public sector as an educator and youth worker for the past thirty years. Her focus has been on guiding students to achieve their goals whether in academic success or the college admissions process in the construction of the college essay and throughout the college application process. She also excels at working with students who are not motivated and/or who are gifted but are not finding academic success at the high school or collegiate level.

Andrea also enjoys working with young professionals and mothers in reaching their goals and maximizing their time. She partners with those she coaches to help them find solutions when they feel stuck in positions or relationships. Andrea has found satisfaction and joy working in the private sector, teaching in public and private schools, working at a non-profit, and developing fundraisers and events.

Her variety of careers coupled with her roles as a wife, mother, grandmother, and caregiver to her elderly parents, provides Andrea with a clear understanding that transitions are the fabric of many women’s lives. She relishes the opportunity to come alongside those in transition (moving from one job to another, going back to work after being at home, and those who are trying to decide if being at home is the better alternative at this season than the work place) and partner with them as they reach for a better understanding of a particular season of life and how they fit into it.  Helping clients set clear goals, she encourages them to focus on and continually strive for those objectives.

Andrea is married and the mother of two adult daughters.


“The life coaching I have received from Andrea Shupert with {Simplified} Atlanta has been incredibly encouraging and helpful during a big transition. Her practical advising and wisdom about being a wife, motherhood and employment has challenged me to really make plans and achieve goals. The accountability that life coaching introduces helps turn my thoughts and desires into actual differences in the way I navigate daily relationships and schedules. Andrea is such a wonderful blend of humor and truth. When my life feels like a messy closet of to-do’s, want-to ‘s and need to’s, she is like a professional organizer helping to prioritize and give perspective to it all!”

“Before my senior year of high school, I was overwhelmed with a new job, family illnesses, and future college plans. To my great benefit, I was able to meet with Andrea and talk through stresses and find solutions. Andrea guided me with questions that helped identify my personal gifts and characteristics. Once discovering these traits, I could pinpoint specific problems and create practical solutions.”

“I would highly recommend Andrea as a life coach because she helps identify personal life strategies for current and further use.”