April Showers: Using our struggles to cultivate greater fulfillment and purpose in our stories

April showers bring May flowers.  It’s a cute nursery rhyme, but when we are caught umbrella- less in the midst of a rainstorm, drenched to the bone, and with shelter nowhere in sight, thinking about clear skies in May brings little to no encouragement!  Isn’t that the way it is in life, too?! When life’s challenges, stressors, and hardships feel overwhelming, thinking about an easier day to come is the furthest thing from our minds. Why is it so hard? Well, when we are in pain, it’s all consuming.  If you get hurt in an accident, you’re consumed with the accident and physical pain and not the passersby on the street. That’s normal; that’s human. But when we are in pain in our current realities, we often do the same thing. We focus on our hardship a lot more than reaching out to others, and we fail to see how any good can come from it.  This is why the cute nursery rhyme we quoted at the beginning is actually quite profound. Our showers, our pain, our struggles, when we use them for growth, can bring beauty in the days to come. Your pain isn’t pointless; it can serve a greater purpose! Not only does it serve purpose in your life, but you can use your story to serve, encourage, and empower others in their own journey.  All pain can be used for good if you let it. So instead of seeing the “showers” in your life as unfair and completely malignant, fight to find greater purpose in the pain!