Fashion Friday with Nicole Borsuk

Looking Chic With A Large Chest

Contributed By: Nicole Borsuk

Looking stylish and polished with a large chest can be a struggle. When I meet with a new client many times their biggest issue they are having is finding blouses, shirts, dresses, and blazers that will fit and that are not matronly.  It can very frustrating. However, there is hope. Below are some of my strategies on how to dress when you have a large chest.


1.       Wear A Good Bra

·         If your bra doesn’t fit, your clothes will not look good, or fit well. Get fitted by a bra specialist. I suggest going to Bloomingdale’s or Nordstrom. They have a variety of brands, and can make sure you are wearing the right size, and the correct style bra.

·         You need different bras for different outfits. For some of your tops and dresses you will need a molded cup, other times you need a minimizer. There are also those times you need a strapless bra.

2.       Don’t Be Afraid To Get Clothes Altered

·         For a lot of pieces, you will need to buy a larger size and get the piece taken in. For example, when you buy a dress, in order for the chest to fit, it will big everywhere else, for a small fee, you can have it taken in. Another example is when you buy a blazer, or a blouse in a larger size, a seamstress can take it in, and the piece will fit you like a glove!

3.       Find The Right Neck Line

·         Don’t Wear a high neck line

·         Instead wear a neckline that is a v neck, scoop, square, or cowl. This will extend the torso, and minimize the size of the bust.

4.       Be Selective With Patterns

·         Patterns can be tricky, and you will have to try on the top to make sure it doesn’t make you look larger than you are.

5.       Avoid Ruffles

·         Ruffles will make you look larger, and need to be avoided

Nicole Borsuk is a personal stylist located in Atlanta. To learn more about her, and the services that she provides visit her website