Change Your Station

by Dr. Emily Shupert

I’m a big fan of Spotify- I love the ability to listen to whatever I want, whenever I want to. I have found that when I listen to pop music, I drive faster and when I’m listening to classic rock, I roll my windows down and drive slowly and chill. The speed of my car is dictated by the station I’m listening to.  When it comes to the road of life, all of us are listening to different stations and the stations will directly impact our destination.

Just as I’m unaware of how music affects my physical driving; I’m equally unaware of how my station, or as I like to say, scripts impact my emotional and mental driving. All of us have “stations” or “scripts” that we listen to but it takes us being aware to see the impact these stations have on how we are driving and handling the detours of life.

As you and I accelerate down the road of life, the scripts we tell ourselves are powerful and they determine in large part where we end up and if in fact that destination is a happy one.  When it comes to scripts, the negative ones can keep us stuck so much so that we can find ourselves off road surprised by how we got here. This was certainly true for me...I found my own script hindering me from the road I wanted to be on. Scripts of self-doubt, scripts of self-criticism, “what if” scripts filled with anxious thoughts...all of these scripts began to inform my conscious and led me off road without a way to get back on.  This is why I tell people that they need to change their station but this is easier said than done.

When it comes to changing our station, we need to do the following:

    • Identify the message. This is the hardest work...invite other people into the process.  We cannot change what we don’t acknowledge...sometimes this means we have to heal from past hurts to even identify what’s informing our current state of mind through the help of a licensed professional or clergy.

    • Challenge the message.

    • Offer a different more positive and strengths based message.

Try this out for 30 days and let us know about the progress you’ve made. We look forward to hearing your stories as you change your station and go down further in the path towards happiness!

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