Fashion Fridays with Nicole Borsuk

Spring Closet Audit

Contributed By: Nicole Borsuk

Do you find it hard sometimes to get dressed because your closet is a mess? Are there clothes and shoes in your closet that you haven’t worn in years? Do you put it on your to do list, but you never seem to get to it? You are not alone! Cleaning out your closet can be a tedious task, and many people are not sure where to start! However it can also be therapeutic, and can help you get a little more organized! You are also probably missing out on some great outfits buried deep inside your closet!

You are probably wondering: what is the easiest and fastest way to audit a closet?

The first thing I do, is have brief conversation with my clients. Some of the questions I ask are:

·         What is your day to day like? Do you work in an office or at home? Are you a stay at home parent?

·         What do you do on the weekends?

·         What is your style like?

·         Do you travel frequently?

These questions help my client and me as we go through the clothes and shoes. Sometimes we hold on to things that no longer serve a purpose, and we don’t even realize it.  Other times, an item is buried deep in our closet and it would be a great item to be wearing.

Next, I will go through tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, and accessories. Many people ask me, how do you know what to get rid of? Some items are very obvious:

·         They are outdated, and just need to be given away

·         The clothes are worn and need to be thrown away

·         The item doesn’t fit and can be consigned or given away

Sometimes it is less obvious:

·         The item doesn’t look good on my client

·         A garment isn’t needed anymore, i.e., the client now works in a very casual office so they don’t  need the six suits they wore at their previous job, or they moved to a warmer climate so they only need to keep a few heavy sweaters

·         The piece hasn’t been worn in over a year

There are always a couple of things that might be sentimental that can’t be given away. Everyone has one or two of those.

There are also some items that were just bad decisions.

I always make sure to tell my clients why I am keeping or giving away something so they can make better purchases in the future. I also write a list of items that that he/she will need to purchase to complete their wardrobe.

One of the best parts of auditing your closet is making outfits with clothes that you already have.  I help my clients make outfits with the items that they kept, and I take phots so they can remember the different combinations. The second best thing about auditing your closet is all of the room in your closet for new clothes and shoes!

What are your waiting for? Now is the perfect time to audit your closet and make room for change!

Nicole Borsuk is a personal stylist in Atlanta, who offers closet edits, personal shopping, and wardrobe updates. To learn more about Nicole and her services please visit her website: