No More Escape Tactics

Escapes are fun but not lasting.  Just like vacation, work is still waiting, emails pile up, and life can quickly return to its hectic pace.  Escapes are a way to temporarily pretend that the issues in life don’t exist and they are pretty useful, for the moment.

I’m pretty sure we have all been addicted to something in our lifetime. When we escape, we use our drugs of choice to numb the pain and forget our fears.  Drinking, drugs, relationships, shopping, sex, money, work, or whatever else we use, I’ve found that these drugs offer sweet relief from the pain but an even heavier heart in the aftermath.

There are no shortcuts to character :: There are no easy outs in growth :: There are no real escapes.

This year, I challenge you to live a life free of escapes. If we really want a life worth living, we have to see the the uncomfortable in the “now” is worth going through to make it to the other side.

Confront your fears. Sit with the loneliness. Fight the sadness. Speak back to the doubt. Work through the tension. Be present in the moment. Be fierce. Bravely face this one beautiful life you’ve been given.

No escapes, just adventures