Fashion Friday with Nicole Borsuk

The Gift Guide For Her

Contributed By: Nicole Borsuk

This last weekend I was part of a surprise! I had a very sweet husband call me and tell me that he wanted to surprise his wife with my services for her birthday! He told me she was a wonderful wife and mother, who works very hard, and deserved to be treated. I was really excited to be part of this.

My client’s wife is in her mid 30’s.

*She works from home a couple days a week

*Her office dress code is business casual

*We looked for pieces that could be worn to work and on the weekends

* She wanted to update her look, and invest in some pieces that were timeless


The first thing we did was find jeans. There are so many styles, it is hard to find the right pair. We found a pair of mid-rise AG jeans, that were skinny. This would enable her to wear ballet flats or boots with the jeans. The midrise style is nice because they were not too high, and didn’t create a muffin top.

Next we looked for a blazer. This was a splurge. She purchased Rag and Bone’s club jacket. This blazer is timeless and can be dressed up or worn on the weekends. A blazer is a piece you will have for years, so find one that fits well, and you love!

We purchased a few sweaters from Banana Republic. Banana always has great deals on sweaters. They have a lot of great colors this season. They were 40% off!

 Bloomingdale’s was our next stop. She fell in love with a pair of Vince boots, and bought an Ella and Cooper blouse that could be worn to work, or a night out.

The last stop was at Anthropologie, who was having a great sale, and we purchased a few tops that could be used for layering. I have found Anthropologie can be hit or miss, and some clients are overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in the store. If you find that you are not sure where to begin, ask a sales associate for help, they are so helpful, and will point you in the right direction.

Everything my client bought was versatile. Sometimes it is hard to see the potential in an item. For example the Rag and Bone Blazer. My client was able to dress it up with the Ella and Cooper top, but also could wear some of the shirts she bought at Anthropologie with it. The sweaters from Banana can be worn with dress pants, or jeans. She can layer a button down under them or add a statement necklace to make it a little more interesting. Always think outside the box, and you will be able to create a lot of outfits out of a few pieces.


Nicole Borsuk is a personal stylist in Atlanta. To learn more about her and the services she provides visit her website