Fashion Friday with Nicole Borsuk

Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself…

Contributed By: Nicole Borsuk

So many times I take clients shopping and they focus on the negative part of their bodies. I guess it’s only human nature. It doesn’t matter if you are a size 0 or a size 16, there is always going to be something you don’t like about your body.  I really wish my clients weren’t so hard on themselves, and saw the whole package, instead of their one imperfection.

 My job when I am shopping with clients is to always emphasize their best features. Some of my clients have great legs, others have amazing arms. One of my clients is 5’11 and clothes were made for her body. Whatever your best feature is, run with it. When you find pieces that flatter those features, people will focus on them. I also try to find accessories that will flatter my clients, and play up their features. One of my clients has the most beautiful blue eyes, so whenever I have a chance, I like to put her in blue.

I always want my clients to feel like a 10, below are some tips of how to emphasize your best features.


·         If you are pear shaped

o   Focus should be upwards, to avoid focus on the bottom half. Wear tops that have patterns, flattering necklines, and embellishments.

·         If you are petite

o   Wear high-waisted pants and skirts to elongate your legs

·         If you hold weight in the middle

o    Draw the eyes upward, towards the bust. Don’t wear clingy tops.   

Nicole Borsuk is a personal stylist located in Atlanta who offers closet edits, personal shopping, and wardrobe updates. To learn more about Nicole , visit her website