Fashion Friday with Nicole Borsuk

Shopping For Investment Pieces

Contributed By: Nicole Borsuk

I recently performed a closet edit for my client who was about to turn 40. She wanted to start investing in her wardrobe, and wanted to stop impulse buying. As we went through her closet, I found she had a lot of items that were not the right color, didn’t fit that well, or that she didn’t love, but she had bought them on impulse. If she would start to strategize, and think about her wardrobe at the beginning of the season, she would have more things she loved and would have room in the budget for a couple of investment pieces. Those investment pieces would last for at least a few seasons, and be a great foundation for her wardrobe. 

How does one stop impulse buying and start investing in their wardrobe?  The first step is to edit your closet. Figure out what you need. I take pictures of my client’s closets, so I always know what they have so I can mix and match pieces, this is something I suggest you do.

Below is an outline of a plan I put together for this client’s fall and winter purchases. My client is gradually building up her investment pieces. This will give you ideas of how to gradually build up investment pieces in your wardrobe. Keep in mind everyone has a different budget, so your plan might look different.

Fall/ Winter Items That She Kept After The Closet Edit

·         Black Pants (would like a pair of cigarette pants that are a nicer quality)

·         Navy Blue Dress Pants (2)

·         Herringbone Dress Pants (1)

·         Winter White Dress Pants (1)

·         Wine Colored Dress Pants (1)

·         Skinny Jeans (3) (Would like a new pair)

·         Straight leg jeans (2) (Would like a new pair)

·         Cardigans (4, Mustard Yellow, Black, Navy Blue, and Wine)

·         Grey Turtle Neck Sweater

·         Cream Blouse

·         Chambray Top

·         Navy Blue and Cream Blouse

·         Black and Green Blouse

·         Black patterned Sweater

·         Wine Colored Dress

·         Navy and White Patterned Skirt

·         Black Dress

·         Booties (Black and Brown)

·         Black Pumps

·         Nude Pumps




·         Rebecca Taylor Textured Blazer Navy Blue (On Sale)

·         DFV Black Cigarette Pants  (On Sale)


·         J Brand Skinny Jeans – On Sale

·         Hudson Straight Leg Jeans – On Sale

·         DFV Blouse


We were really lucky, and I was able to time our shopping trips with sales, so my client was able to save on her investment pieces. It is very easy to do this. In the fall a lot of stores will have friends and family, which is a great time to save! I would like to mention, we did add few more items into the mix that were trendy and she didn’t want to invest in. We found a few cute blouses on sale at Banana Republic, and the Gap. These blouses will go well with the other items that she purchased. The key is, she didn’t go crazy at Banana Republic, and the Gap, and was able to save her money for the investment pieces, which is what she really wanted.

Have you thought about investing in your wardrobe? What steps have you taken?

Nicole Borsuk is a personal stylist located in Atlanta, to learn more about Nicole, visit her website