Those Who Live Powerful Stories

I just met a beautiful woman whose whole life was dedicated to serving addicts and their families.  She shared the story of her own journey and how her son’s addiction introduced her to the exhausting yet exhilarating work of counseling addicts  She’s not famous. She's not wealthy. She isn’t powerful. But this woman, she is truly rich, and I am now the richer after having heard her story. Conversations like these can be brief but they are the ones that make one feel fully alive.

Earlier today I was in an area of Atlanta populated primarily by refugees.  I talked with a Physician’s Assistant who doesn’t drive in for our outreaches but lives in the neighborhood.  She picked up her normal life to love and serve people groups living on the margins. Listening to the stories, walking in the neighborhood, it was holy ground.

In a world addicted to fleeting fame, labels and “likes” are these people who have committed themselves to living a better story.  

They have learned that the wisdom in life’s narrative is often paradoxical.   What’s down is up, living comes by dying to self and true wealth is found in the giving.

These individuals are living out their life’s purpose. They are living powerful stories, stories worth telling.  May we all live with such lives of great purpose and passion.


Let’s write a better story!