Mommy Monday with Moms on Call

From p 95 of the Moms on Call Toddler Book:


"We will fold.  Sometimes in life, we will just give in.  We do what it takes to keep things quiet.  We ALL do it.  So where do we go from there? What do we do when we have had a bad hair day, the dog had diarrhea all over the white carpet, the dishwasher repair man did not come in his committed "window of time" which made us late for our MOPS meeting and Lisa just called saying that she may have exposed our whole house to pink eye yesterday?"  What do we do when we give in?  We carry on!  We move forward!  At naptime, we put ourselves in Simmer Time.  We take time to get a breather, to stare at the wall and decompress.  We treat ourselves with grace and regroup...We concentrate on all the things we do right instead of this one little thing we think we did wrong...Lay down the guild; it is an unwanted bedfellow and it will steal your future confidence."


As a working mom, these words hit me squarely between the eyes on a regular basis.  It can be easy to forget that perfection is not the goal - that taking a few minutes each day to decompress and release the weight of all that we carry is not only healthy and's NECESSARY.  We must take time to refresh ourselves and recharge, or there will be nothing left for the people who depend on us.  So give yourself permission to not dive right into that massive to do list while your child is at preschool, taking a nap, or is at a play date.  Put your feet up.  Have some prayer time.  Drink an uninterrupted, blissful cup of coffee (one that did not have to be re-heated 15 times from start to finish).  Take care of YOU.