A Season of Enough



It’s an intoxicating word, isn’t it?  It lures us to give up what IS in order to focus (sometimes even obsess) on what is lacking. Materialistic or altruistic, we are a culture of MORE.  And when this happens our anxieties increase, hearts become restless, and peace is put on pause “until I have ______” (fill in the blank).

This season can be especially challenging in the search for more because the holidays can feel like a massive spotlight is on whatever is lacking.

Maybe it’s the constant question from people you see once a year asking, “Are you STILL single? Why can’t you find someone?”  (As if 1. Singleness was a disease and 2. finding one’s significant other was as easy as picking out a new car! But I digress...)

Maybe it’s the seemingly perfect Christmas cards with updates of the perfect year.  Pictures on Mt. Everest, details of the European vacay and preschoolers whose list of academic and extra- curricular accomplishments equal that of a graduate from Harvard or Juilliard.

Maybe it’s the cheesy Hallmark movies that depict what Christmas “should” look like without any family tension, unmet expectations, recessions, or horrible mall traffic.  

And maybe you don’t connect with any of these examples and think that this was written by someone who is overly cynical.  Think what you’d like but sometimes the anticipation of the holidays can only leave us wanting MORE.

What if we can appreciate the gift of enough this Christmas season?

How?  Well think about the times when you’ve been most at peace, filled with joy, and content with the world.  I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t when you maxed out your 401k, made honor roll or succeeded with a Pintrest project (never as easy as it seems!).  Sure, those are exciting moments but the happiness has an expiring shelf life.  As a therapist and fellow human, I’ve found that these moments are often found in the seemingly uneventful moments of life….family dinners, long drives, and road trips with lifelong friends.  

In the midst of a culture trying to convince you to buy into the myth of MORE, I challenge you to be ok with enough this Christmas season.  Don’t give up hope, ambitions, dreams, etc. But don’t lose yourself or your peace in the never-ending rat races and comparison traps.

Slow down.  Look around.  Take a break. Thank God.  Be still.  And experience the peace of knowing that you are (in this very moment) ENOUGH.  

Wishing you a season of {enough}!