Fashion Friday with Nicole Borsuk

The Importance Of Tailoring Your Clothes

Contributed By: Nicole Borsuk

Tailoring your clothes can transform you from a hot mess to looking polished and put together.

First you need find a tailor you can trust. Some alterations are easy, but for the more complicated ones you need to find someone who knows what they are doing. 

Next...What should you alter?

1. Hem a pair of pants or jeans

Pants off the rack are not always the right length for everyone. When pants are the correct length, they fall straight from your hips as the designer intended, and look more polished. Keeping the original hem is an option, but not always necessary. 

2. Taking in the waist of pants

Sometimes a pair of pants fits perfectly except in the waist. This often happens if you are pear-shaped, because you have to go up a size to accommodate your thighs and behind. If the waist is taken in, you will have a perfect fit.

3. Slimming a shirt

Often I have clients who have broad shoulders or  have a large chest, and they will have a lot of fabric at the bottom of the shirt because they bought a shirt to accommodate the their shoulders or chest.  The tailor "slims" the bottom of the shirt so it is proportioned to the rest of the shirt.

4. Shortening Sleeves

Just like pants, sleeves are not always the right length for everyone. This is any easy alteration for the tailor.

5. Shorten a shirt

Having a shirt hem taken up will make a big difference.  A shirt that is too long will overwhelm a petite frame.


These small changes might not seem like they make a huge difference, but they actually change the way the item looks on you!


Nicole Borsuk is a personal shopper/stylist in Atlanta. You can learn more about her by visiting her website: