Waiting Sucks... or Does It?

We can’t have the happiness of yesterday without the pain of today. That’s the deal.” Shadowlands


I hate waiting.  I hate waiting in traffic.  I hate waiting in lines. I hate waiting behind someone taking forever to order.

We all know that the slow drivers and traffic will subdue, but what about waiting for a job offer after months of interviews?  Waiting for an angry teen to come back home, waiting for a college acceptance letter after a long list of rejections, waiting for the results after a long battle with cancer, or waiting for the cloud of depression to lift after a season of grief.

Seasons of waiting can feel daunting, especially since we don’t know how long we will need to wait until we get answers.  Waiting is an in between place of life….in between the diagnosis and the treatment, the application and the answer, the rejection and the healed heart.  It is the middle ground, the gray space, the unknown, the shadowland.

In this middle space, we find purpose.

I don’t think that we would really be able to appreciate what we ultimately receive if we automatically had it.  I don’t think we would even accept it on different terms if we didn’t loosen our grip and let go of the knock down, drag out fight for control.

What are you learning while you wait?

If you are in a season of waiting, please don’t rush the process. There are no shortcuts in the process of becoming.  Sit back, listen, and observe what only those in the waiting rooms of life are able to see. Stop wishing it away and let the process produce great purpose. One day, you’ll see that these shadowlands produced the greatest times of growth, purpose and clarity.

Hold on, I promise it is worth it!