Writing a Better Story, Simplified

We all have a story to tell.

What’s yours?

Powerful stories aren’t flat, one dimensional narratives with only happy endings. The stories that inspire us are filled with change, conflict, and tension.  We believe that everyone’s story is precious, powerful and worth sharing.  Sometimes we get stuck in our own storyline when life is hard, relationships get messy, and the path is unknown.  Instead of comparing your current chapter with someone else’s happy ending, fight for purpose and keep perspective.  Use this chapter as an opportunity to heal, grow, and become.

When we own our stories and share them {the beautiful and messy stuff too} we inspire others to do the same.

YOU were created to live more than a status quo storyline.  YOU can use your past and current pain to live a greater story.  YOU can live a story that either bores others or challenges them.