How to Know When It's Time to Start Delegating

On Friday night, you were answering emails and posting to social media during your daughter’s dance recital. On Saturday morning, you were conversing with a client on chat about a new project during your son’s soccer game. Do you even remember what you ate at your anniversary dinner or was your mind on work?

How long has it been since you were truly present in your own life?

Here are five signs it’s time to start delegating.

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Got Grit?

Grit.  Maybe you've heard this term used in school or a business setting.  But what does it mean? Graduate of University of Pennsylvania and recipient of the McArthur "genius" award, Angela Duckworth, wrote a book aptly entitled, Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance. She watched her math students and noticed that the most successful ones didn't necessarily have the highest aptitude, but they did rank high in their levels of perseverance and passion for long term goals, which is why for many outcomes grit has been shown to be a more accurate predictor of success than other talent measurements like IQ or SAT scores. Those who were most successful in decades worth of research were those who had the highest levels of grit.

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It's a concept celebrated especially on holidays such as July 4th.  Many of us live in a free country but are imprisoned by patterns of shame and fear that we hide from others.  This holiday, we encourage you to take a moment to consider areas of your life where you don't live so freely.

Each day, we have a choice. We can hide, cover up, and fake it and be consumed with image management.  But in doing so, we lose.  We lose the opportunity to see our need for grace, forgiveness, and healing. 

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