Our Story

Simplify Life started as an Atlanta based counseling and private practice in 2011 by Dr. Emily Shupert. Emily sought to produce a paradigm shift in the way the culture views counseling. Rather than focusing on weaknesses and the complexities of issues, she envisioned a place where clients would leverage and build upon their strengths in a Simplified, yet sophisticated process.

Firm in the belief that seeking professional help to achieve emotional well-being is a sign of strength, Emily created an environment – from the business cards to the chic lobby and non-traditional counseling offices – that reinforces the client’s decision to begin counseling or coaching as one that is positive and healthy.

Master of all, expert of none. This phrase rang true for Emily as she believed that excellent clinicians are specialist, not generalists. Understanding that a ‘one size fits all’ approach is not effective, Emily chose to provide excellent service in a few key areas of counseling, primarily for anxiety and depression as these are the root issues that many of the other issues addressed in counseling were attributed to.  With these goals, Emily and her colleagues have developed a practice with one simple promise: a commitment to helping the client grow from the past, find clarity in the present and embrace the future. Your life, simplified.  This is our desire and our promise to you.

Our Professionals

Whether you contact us for counseling or coaching, you can expect to work with a Simplify Life professional who is….


We are a trusted source within our community evidenced by getting most of our clients by personal referrals of past clients who we have helped.  When past and present clients are satisfied, they can’t help but tell their friends and family.


We don’t treat all things for all people.  We focus on a few key areas, primarily anxiety and depression, which means that when we help you, we are able to offer evidence based practices that work and have research and results to prove it. Your treatment plan, your outside “homework” and everything done in sessions will all be specific to your unique situation.


We are invested in your growth process and believe that we are working ourselves out of the position from the first session.  Our goal is to give you tools that you can learn and master to then use in your daily life with your support system.  In short, when we are doing a good job, we are ultimately out of a job.

We can tell you why we think we are different but we think that past and current clients can do it even better!