speaking on topics that empower audiences and inspire change

Emily is passionate speaking on lots of things including:

  • Parenting out of Freedom not Fear

  • Praise the Lord and Pass the Prozac: Dealing with Mental Health Issues as a Christian

  • All the Feels: Raising Emotional Intelligence in Kids & Teen

  • Why Stress Makes Us Stupid: Helping Students Reduce Stress & Increase Test Scores

  • Enough: Finding Contentment in Every Season of Life

  • Happiness Map: Finding Fulfillment in Work & Life

  • LIfe 101: Practical Guide for 20 Somethings on Work, Money & Relationships


“I have heard Emily speak to both large and small audiences and during each occasion, I have not only seen Emily command the material she is teaching, but also showcase her ability to quickly connect with an audience. Her speaking is vulnerable and winsome.”

Bill Reichart, Vice President for Campus and Community Ministries, Global Health Outreach


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“Dr. Emily Shupert is an electrifying speaker!

She is inspiring to women and offers insightful and practical principles in a simplified, yet powerful approach. She connects with her audience and even in large settings makes each woman feel personally impacted.”

Dimy Mixon, MA, LMFT, Mercer University Graduate

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From Auditoriums to Podcasts

Listen to Emily speak on the key to finding happiness now:

  • Birds on a Wire (38 min interview speaking on overcoming anxiety in motherhood.)

  • More than Money (30 min interview speaking on accelerating life by living fearlessly in work and relationships.)

  • CMDA Student Life (28 min interview speaking on discovering greater fulfillment as a student)

Call Your Community to More

Emily can lead your team, organization, or members to:

  • Become fearless marketplace leaders.

  • Leverage unexpected challenges in life for greater success.

  • Overcome boundaries in the workplace.

  • Understand and manage depression, anxiety, and self-care.



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