The Simplified Process

Our Simplify Life approach is personalized – offering each client a unique and nurturing counseling environment to allow for positive change and growth. Our team of professional counselors + coaches is focused on providing the ultimate concierge-level of care – a clinically appropriate, strengths-based approach that is customized to meet the client’s specific needs and delivered in a highly-personalized manner.  

We are people-focused and strength-focused, not problem-focused.

The Simplify Life's counselors + coaches' process:

  • We reinforce your decision to reach out for help.
  • We focus on your strengths and use your strengths to reach your goals.
  • We concentrate on your essential area of counseling or coaching.
  • We offer excellent clinical care, an individualized treatment plan, and superb customer service.


Why Choose Simplify Life Counseling? 

Just like you’d go to a doctor if you were sick, we want to empower you to do the same when it comes to your psychological, emotional and relational health.  It helps to have professional guidance because sometimes using our own resources and logic doesn’t yield the best result.

Since our actions are driven by our feelings and thoughts so instead of “fixing” what is on the surface, we help you address the underlying issues and help you successfully face challenges in the future as well.