What Our Clients Say

“The services we received have allowed us and our daughter to survive some very difficult circumstances over the last two years and emerge as better parents and with a much stronger relationship with her. Yet it isn’t only the excellent guidance and counseling expertise that we have received, but the sincere prayerful commitment that has encouraged us through the process of change that was necessary for us as parents and for our daughter as a young female adult. We continue to periodically seek counsel, and we are always refreshed by the perspective and recommendations that she offers. As parents, we have the utmost respect for the counselor’s insight and ability to coach through even the most critical situations and integrity. We have no hesitation to recommend this group to our friends.”

“It’s sincerely hard for me to put into words the wonders that counseling with Dr. Emily Shupert and {Simplified} Atlanta did for me. Five years ago, I felt like I was drowning and struggling to stay afloat on a daily basis. My weekly counseling sessions not only allowed me to gain insight into myself, but also provided valuable tools that allowed me to take back control of those things I felt I couldn’t get a handle on. Dr. Shupert guided me to a place of positivity and taught me life strategies that I continue to use on a daily basis.”

“Hannah has a heart to help hurting people. This is evident in her perseverance in seemingly hopeless situations and her commitment to walk alongside wounded people as they take the difficult, but necessary steps toward healing and restoration. This is a great responsibility that Hannah accepts willingly.”

“From the very first time I met Dr. Shupert, I felt as though she would be a lifelong resource for me. Over the past four years, she has walked with me through several life-shattering situations. From divorce to death of a child, and other bumps in the road, she has taught me how God was still present in my life even when I couldn’t see or feel Him. She taught me how to cope and handle the anxiety and depression that came along with crisis. But above all, she taught me how to be the best version of me, the one that God designed. She is wise beyond her years and I am grateful to have her as my counselor.”