20 Personal Assistant Services You Can Outsource to Your Belay VA

We’re all probably acutely aware of all of the administrative tasks we handle every day that can be outsourced to a virtual assistant, but there are also so many other ways a BELAY VA can make your life easier. 

If you’re dubious, we (probably) know what you’re thinking: ‘I don’t have eight hours of work for someone.’

It’s true – most tasks may only take only a few minutes. But when you add several dozen of them up, they consume hours. Maybe even days. 

A VA can give you the ability to start crossing more of these items off your lists, one giddy pen stroke after another. So if you’re feeling a little frisky, check out some of the less conventional ways you can use your BELAY VA to get your giddy groove back.

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A long time ago, a mentor of mine suggested getting a personal board of directors.  I was still a student, years away from ever working as a clinician and having any leadership status.

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Regain an Entire Work Week by Outsourcing These Functions

As a leader of a company how can you regain more time for both you and your staff? After all, time is something that can neither be replaced nor replenished. 

Virtual assistants (VAs) offer a proven solution. When companies hire offsite administrative assistants, they improve efficiency, enhance focus and make the most of limited time.

Imagine: Paying a virtual assistant to work for 10 hours per week may add up to 40 hours of compensated time per month. But the total value may greatly exceed both the investment and the official logged time.

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Book Spotlight: Mindset by Carol Dweck

Maybe you are like me (or maybe not) but I grew up thinking that people were born with set skills, traits, and competencies.  Either you have it or you don’t.  Either you are an A student or a C student.  Either you will be successful in your career or you will meander from one pointless job to another job.  Either you are a charismatic people person or you are an awkward wallflower. 

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How to Know When It's Time to Start Delegating

On Friday night, you were answering emails and posting to social media during your daughter’s dance recital. On Saturday morning, you were conversing with a client on chat about a new project during your son’s soccer game. Do you even remember what you ate at your anniversary dinner or was your mind on work?

How long has it been since you were truly present in your own life?

Here are five signs it’s time to start delegating.

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